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Posted: November 02, 2017

The K92.3 Secret Sound!

Orlando’s #1 for New Country is proud to present “K92.3’s Secret Sound” contest! 

We’ll play a short audio clip of the “secret sound” four times every weekday. Tune in at 8am, 11am, 2pm, and 5pm Monday through Friday for your shot at a cash prize! 

Each sound starts with a jackpot of $1,000. For every wrong guess, the jackpot increases by $100! 

We’ll also give you an unfair advantage over everyone else just for downloading our app: every time a person gives a wrong guess, we’ll post it on our secret “Wrong Secret Sound Guesses” page, that you’ll only find a link to on the app menu! 

If you don’t have our app downloaded already, hit one of the two links below to get it on your phone!

Read the official rules to K92.3’s Secret Sound, here

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