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It's Obie & I've enjoyed being on the air in this city since 1999! I'm a husband, father, actor, musician, hunter, fisherman and a Freemason who's beyond pumped to grab the reins & join Ashley in the mornings. God, America, Beer, Deer & Country music! 

My wife and I planned to have kids & I went in for a routine physical check up where I received the news that I would have to have my aortic valve replaced! I never felt any symptoms or had any issues but felt so blessed to have caught this before it could have taken me down. I'm so thankful for everyone in my Florida Hospital Family from my cardiologist, surgeon & everyone who had a hand in my successful recovery. I'm here now full of life, energy and on a mission to spread the good word by encouraging YOU to take control of your health and schedule your own check up, today! Go to



Ashley is a Florida native, born and raised on the west coast of Florida near St. Petersburg. She’s a graduate of the University of North Florida, where she started in radio in 2009 as an intern. After getting her degree, Ashley eventually worked as a morning show producer, on-air personality, and now co-hosts the Morning Show with Obie. 

The two stay busy with the show and community events almost 7-days-a-week, but in her free time Ashley loves attending shows, spending time with family and friends, finding new things to do (skydiving is next on the list!) and playing with her 10-lb. guard dog, Charlie. 

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Ashley’s experience with Westgate River Ranch:

“Westgate River Ranch is a hidden gem away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s one of my favorite places because of the location away from everything. I’ve done both family weekends and girls weekend at the ranch, so you can really make it whatever you want. The activities are so much fun – from skeet shooting (I did it for the first time ever at WGRR and loved it) to the horseback rides and swamp buggies. The staff is so helpful in teaching you if it’s your first time on a horse, skeet shooting, etc. It can be a real adventure or laid back experience depending on your taste. Every time I leave, I’m ready to plan my next trip back.” 

To see photos & book your stay at the Westgate River Ranch, click here.

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